Shipment Tracking

Whether you manufacture overseas or import your goods from suppliers, Transida ERP can help you reduce complexity and improve efficiencies.
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Reduce shipping costs by comparing rates of over 250 carrier services in one screen.

Generate tracking numbers to automatically trace freight and parcels within.

Automatically compare carrier rates, consolidate shipment data, and manage all orders from a single location and dashboard.

Automatically create and send all required export documents for shipments.

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Vessel, shipment tracking
Transida ERP helps monitor, manage and track shipments on land and at sea, so one can stay abreast of the status of inventory even before it reaches the warehouse. Transida ERP contains vessel, shipment and container tracking tools to help consumer goods companies gain the visibility they need into import tracking.
Container Tracking
It enables to capture, track, and attach documentation on additional charges, credits, notes, and associated files, for each of the shipments. Container tracking enables one to display and update demurrage and detention.
Container Information
The solution offers the needed visibility to the management regarding the work processes involved. The system includes detailed container information – which the assigned picker or dropper can access. After the worker collects and drops the assigned container to its destination – the pick-up and drop-in location is captured Both the picker and dropper carry out inventory checks. The end-goal of the solution is to provide accurate container delivery details efficiently.
Landed costs
Transida ERP makes it easier to gain visibility into true landed costs, so one can accurately gauge profitability on each of the products. Allocate agency fees, shipping expenses, customs fees, duties by harmonization codes, taxes, insurance, and other hidden fees by product, unit, volume, supplier, or location.

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