Verify and validate vehicle and the material it’s carrying at every stage

Transida ERP enables easy execution of tasks, allowing users to focus on revenue generating activities.
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Transida ERP automatically generates financial accounting reports based on transactions inputted into the system.

Reports include party ledger statements, post-dated cheque entries, bank reconciliation and more.

End-to-end inventory management, including classification and grouping, multi-location and batch-wise inventory control.

Built-in controls to stop negative stock billing and provisions to manage multiple MRP's for the same product

Multilevel item classification, user access controls, data import/export, printing Invoices and much more.

File GST returns with minimum effort from the user

You can set payment reminders against unpaid invoices at pre-set frequencies. Customers who haven’t paid the invoice will receive this reminder via Email and SMS. Customers can also save invoices as PDFs for reimbursements, etc.

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Bulk invoicing made simple
Upload your billing data via excel sheets or APIs. Individual invoices will be auto-generated and sent to your selected customer base in bulk.
Create and send estimates
Send estimates or quotations to your customers as per your company format. Allow customers to acknowledge and pay your estimates online. Convert estimates to invoices automatically upon payment.
Send payment link and collect online
Send payment links via SMS, WhatsApp or email with a fixed or flexible amount value. Customer simply clicks on the link and makes the payment online.
Extensive reporting
Extensive reports that include analysed collection trends on invoices along with ageing summary, expected payments, late-paying customers and other trends.

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