Security module allows access or denies access to users for various menus and submenus. It also provides a traceability feature wherein a log of all the activities performed branch wise/module wise/user wise/date wise is maintained for audit.

Payroll & Attendance is an essentially needed feature in any company which is having a workforce.

Like vehicle maintenance, there is a serious need to keep a database for information relating to tyres as it is a considerable cost for a transportation company. Tyre Maintenance module is meant to help you achieve this.

Billing Module in Transida ERP helps to track invoices, late payments, and estimates. It offers better correspondence for your business and keeps you organized.


Vehicle servicing, RTO documents renewal, insurance documents renewal, and fuel are costly nightmares for any transportation company. Manage them wisely with our Vehicle Maintenance module.

Transida ERP's Dashboards Module allows you to accelerate your decision making by providing analysis that delivers customized views of your business overall and their functions. These dashboards allow you to monitor current financial, operational, and organizational information.

Transida ERP's Reporting module empowers you to quickly and easily obtain the information required for improved operations and reporting across your entire business.


  • Transport software with Accounting Facility that is easy to use and flexible.
  • Aimed at Cargo, Full Load, Logistic Transport, Fleet Owner & Transport Contractors.
  • You Don't have to understand Complex Transport Terms. Work faster, Can Work from anywhere and save time.
  • Anytime Client Can upgrade software Offline to Our Online Version.
  • Scalable from Small Transportes to Large Transporters.


  • Maintain Godown stock,Inward Godown stock, Trip Entry, L.H.C. Register.
  • L.R. Print Design As Per Your Requirements.
  • Service Tax Reports.
  • Trip Maintenance, Truck Average, Truck Insurance Reminders, Diesel Expanse Entry.
  • Price List, T.B.B., Transport Bill, Supplementary Bill.

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