If your drivers aren't on the road, they aren't moving your business forward. Tranda ERP’s Fleet Management solutions help you manage your assets on the road through asset tracking and real-time monitoring via voice and data communications.
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Stay in contact with the drivers through the integrated voice and data communication capabilities of mobile computers. These purpose-built, rugged products are designed to withstand the journey.

Gain visibility of the location and health of your assets through real-time asset tracking and telematic monitoring of the vehicles to reduce downtime and increase productivity.

Identify violations before they happen by having the visibility to monitor the drivers and vehicles to ensure compliance with external regulations and internal company policies.

This helps in monitoring and protecting the assets taken in the container from theft and the parties involved can easily have an idea on the time frame within which a particular vehicle shall reach the destination.

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Manage all of your fleet data on a single platform
Track every detail of your transportation fleet to maximize asset lifespan and reduce overall spending. With Transida ERP, all of your fleet’s data is stored in easy-to-use software, allowing you to access the information you need when you need it.
Stay connected with your drivers
Eliminate communication bottlenecks and manage assets in real time. Assign drivers to vehicles, track odometer updates, receive digital inspection results
Measure fleet success with configurable reports
Analyze virtually any fleet metric on a granular level with Transida ERP’s robust reporting capabilities. Automatically calculate total cost of ownership, forecast trends and make data-driven decisions to improve your fleet.
Inspections with a mobile app
Go paperless and conduct fast, thorough mobile inspections in the field. Transida ERP’s mobile app enables fleets to maintain airtight compliance, secure the safety of your goods or passengers and identify issues quickly with tailored inspection forms.

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