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The end-to-end requirements of your transportation company are met by the professional-grade hosted courier management software system known as Transida ERP. Our Courier management software may help your carrier, freight broker, messenger, courier, or dispatching service business run more efficiently and cost-effectively.
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Lot management is essential for perishable commodities, serialised goods, and highly regulated things. Based on the Lot and expiration date of the products, we make it simple to aggregate them. We can also assist with unusual commodities like clothing, art, and other things.

Not only do we manage the commodities in your warehouse, but we also handle reverse logistics. Each item in the Lot has a unique code created by Shipedge. This implies that a history record exists if you have a return.

The warehouse organisation is the first thing we do. Certain things that need control of the expiration date require unique locations. Refrigerated or secure spaces are a couple of examples. You may find out the location of each item as well as the related expiration date using Transida ERP.

You receive speedy receiving with Momentum. When a delivery comes in, simply scan it, note the Lot Number and the expiration date, and you are ready to go. You avoid wasting time, effort, or difficulty. For you, Shipedge keeps track of everything.

Enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Price estimator
Prior to booking, the pricing for each package or parcel that has to be delivered takes the destination distance, weight, and method into account. Numerous software programmes for couriers may estimate fees while taking all factors into account. The locations and prices only need to be entered once. Transida ERP handles pricing appropriately.
Courier Branch management
It is difficult to run a network of several branches. Different freight rates, pickup locations, and other franchise-specific elements apply to each branch.
Online Tracking of Shipments
The main function of courier systems is tracking, which enables users and clients to monitor the progress of their shipments and packages. Each package receives a special (air-way-bill) AWB-tracking number. It is possible to determine the parcel's precise location, date, and time using this number.
A bar code is a kind of visual data that is computer-readable. They are used on packages and items to rapidly identify them during shipping and delivery. Each package or parcel is given a distinct tracking number (AWB no.). These numbers are labelled on the package and kept in the cloud for future use. This procedure makes pickup and delivery simple.

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