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Transida ERP simplifies all label-printing and barcode scanning processes, with the support of tailored cutting-edge software. Custom offers a wide range of process-monitoring solutions in order to reduce waiting times and increase working capacity, while guaranteeing a high level of security, safety, efficiency and productivity in loading and unloading areas.

Labels are the building blocks of any tracking system and help keep errors down while speeding up your business process. Having the right printing system in place will ensure you get the greatest return and accuracy in tracking any type of item.

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You can monitor the product identification code used in production and acquisition of test data generation and production quality inspection data, for completion of product inspection, the establishment of product identification code and product files, so as to arrange production plans, monitor the production process and to improve the qualified rate of product line.

Warehouse location management is the management of inventory space. When the product is in storage, it will correspond to the barcode number and the product bar code one by one, and the first in first out or batch management can be achieved according to the stock time of the goods in the warehouse.

Barcode technology can not only manage the stock of the goods according to the variety, but also manage the specific single piece of the goods stock. Using the product mark bar to record the status of a single product, we can track and manage the single product and finish the operation of warehousing and warehousing more accurately.

When distributing and warehousing the goods, we need to deal with lots of goods quickly and efficiently by using the method of separate goods and picking. We can automatically separate the goods and pick them by barcode technology and realize the related management.

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Picking is performed by turning shipping instruction information into barcodes and reading the barcodes of products. If the wrong product is selected, the Transida ERP emits an error to prevent the wrong product from being picked.
Enhanced efficiency of vehicle management system
Now have your eyes on every vehicle inside your premises now. Increase the uptime of your operations, manage scheduled deliveries and much more.
Reduced turnaround time of vehicles
Accurately forecast average time needed by vehicles to complete the loop and exit your premises. Reduce inbound truck queuing.
Increased accuracy of dispatches
Verify and validate vehicle and the material it’s carrying at every stage.

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